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Tasmanian Abalone

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Tasmanian Abalone are produced by JST Abalone in Stanley Tasmania. JST Abalone is the result of three Australian guys with a passion for abalone who went out on their own to produce a high quality product as the last owner operators in Australia. They took on a challenge, to turn barely operational infrastructure into a clean, sustainable, free-flowing environment, bringing pristine cool southern ocean waters in to nourish delicious Tasmanian abalone.

The name J.S.T Abalone stems from the given names of the three men living out their dream: Joel Gilby, Shane Smith and Tom Peddie who each bring a wealth of experience as well as a diverse but equally valuable skill set to the business. Having worked together in past years the trio have built a bond of trust, understanding and respect that just works.

J, S and T stand beside a team of men and women who brave the fresh clean Tasmanian air and the cold pristine water to bring a premium quality product to the marketplace. Individual abalone are nurtured though gentle handling and careful cleaning before being selectively harvested at just the right time. Many of the crew have lived locally all their lives and have a depth of character and dedication that can be hard to come by in other places.

Tasmanian Abalone

Tasmanian abalone grow in the cool pristine water of the southern ocean on the wild west coast of Tasmania, Australia, where the cleanest air in the world and the cold crisp water straight from Antarctica produce the highest quality abalone in the world.

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